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Adenovirus infection is an infectious disease belonging to the ARVI group. dutasteride the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, eyes and digestive tract. Almost a quarter of people who are diagnosed with ARVI have an ailment provoked precisely by adenoviruses. Adenovirus infection can affect both individual individuals and be epidemiological in nature.

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Adenovirus infection in adults and children is transmitted in several ways: through the air; the virus enters directly into the digestive tract; often, infection occurs in the aquatic environment; very rarely it can be transmitted through objects that the patient has touched.

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After dutasteride pills, a person for one to two weeks will be dangerous to other people, since it is during this period that the disease is transmitted through the air. In some cases, the disease can progress up to one month. With excrement, active viruses can be excreted from the patient's body for 1.5 months. As a rule, the virus lives in the human body for two weeks. It is very stable in the external environment. For example, at temperatures less than five degrees, it can last about two years. It completely ceases to exist under prolonged exposure to active sunlight.

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Most often, adenovirus infection in children occurs in newly formed groups in kindergarten or in elementary school. A person who has had the disease is immune to infection, but only of the type that he has had. The main reason for the progression of the disease is the pathogenic activity of avodart. Today there are more than 30 varieties of them. All of them pose a serious threat to the human body.

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